Ugly House = Latest Flip!

We just recently closed the deal on this 3 bedroom, 1 bath ranch. It is ugly, to say the least! I have big plans for this little house & am super excited to dive right in. I am much more the designer & leave the logistics & all that behind the walls work to my husband. I don’t really care about pipes & wires, as long as the pretty lights & faucets I choose turn on! His portion will be to demo everything update the electric & plumbing, moving around some windows & doors & opening up the wall between the kitchen & living room. As you can see in the picture below, that electric panel is most definitely original. We will also be doing new drywall since the paneling is old, ugly, smelly etc etc.

Kitchen – who wouldn’t want to cook a meal here?? 🙂

The kitchen will have the biggest transformation. I plan on removing that window & installing a sliding glass door at the very end of the kitchen, to allow for the cabinets to run the wall where the window is now. The electric panel will also be relocated. On the left side of the kitchen, I will be adding a pantry, since right now the pantry juts out into the middle of what I consider table space. Kitchen cabinets will be either white or gray shaker, quartz countertops, a tiled backsplash & stainless steel kitchen appliances.

Eating Area

The pantry on the right will be relocated to the side with the cabinets, because that wall will be opened up to the living room! I feel like that will make the kitchen & living room feel less closed off, larger, but at the same time, the opening will not be wall to wall, so there will still be some separation.

Living room

A new front door is definitely in order here! We will be demoing practically the entire interior – floor, doors, trim, cabinets, bathroom fixtures etc. So this will have new flooring throughout. I am considering either an engineered hardwood, or a laminate. I typically do the hardwood or laminate in the main living areas & carpet in the bedrooms, but this house is right at 1000 square feet, so I am thinking on running the same flooring everywhere. It won’t cost me that much more since the bedrooms aren’t huge & will make it feel spacious & flow better.


This house only has one bathroom in it, so I like to try to make them really nice when it is the only one in the house. Here I will do a new tub, toilet, vanity & mirror. That window above the tub surround will be closed up. It is so tiny & just doesn’t look good to me. I will pick out a tile for the tub surround, most likely subway tile. And then do a 6″ x 24″ plank tile on the floor. And in this house, I am thinking on running the floor tile up the wall behind the toilet & vanity in the same pattern as the floor – just continuing it up the wall about 4 feet. The vanity will have the same quartz vanity top that I am using in the kitchen. I will pick out a unique lighting fixture for above the mirror. Something a little fancy, nothing crazy. Home Depot sells these LED faucets that I love. They have a little LED light that lights up when the water is running. So cool!

I love when we are just starting a house – it gets my creative juices flowing & I can start picking things out & buying the pieces that will bring the whole house together. I will post an under construction post while we’re working on it, and of course the finished product!