My Top 10 Food Allergy Friendly Kid Snacks

Food Allergy Approved Snacks

I had zero experience with food allergies until my youngest was born. It started with a milk allergy, and by age 1, had escalated to milk, soy, eggs, tree nuts & peanuts. She has since grown out of the soy food allergy, which opened up a large variety of foods she can eat. Even with the addition of soy food products, coming up with dairy free & nut free snacks can sometimes pose a challenge. This is a list I have compiled from what has worked for my family, and in all honesty, the whole family enjoys these snacks now. The list is geared towards quick & easy, grab & go snacks that can be taken with on outings.


#10: Cuties Oranges – These require a little more prep work & can be slightly messy, depending on the age of the child. I peel a few of these & throw them in a plastic container & she can just grab them & eat when she wants to. She loves them!

#9: Fresh Grapes – Grapes are also slightly juicy, and still require cutting them in half since they can be a choking hazard for younger kids. I just chop them in half & stick them in a Ziploc baggie and away we go!

Enjoy Life Seed & Fruit Mix

#8 Enjoy Life Seed & Fruit Mix – I love anything that comes pre packaged and is a grab & go snack. These are secretly probably #1 on my own personal food allergy friendly list. I was a huge trail mix eater before my daughter was born, but with the nut allergy, this is as close as I can get now!

Animal Crackers

#7 Animal Crackers – My 4 year old loves the animal crackers, either for taste or because they are animals! These would not have made the list had she still had the soy allergy, but since she grew out of the soy allergy, these made the top 10!


#6 Pretzels – I think pretzels make everyone’s top 10 snack list. They are crunchy, salty – what else does a person want? And again, the fact that they are either grab & go, or can just be shoved in a Ziploc bag makes a great snack!


#5 Bananas – My 4 year old loves bananas – but only when they have a tinge of green at the tops. She doesn’t like them squishy at all. Something I totally understand, because the ones pictured are about as ripe as I will eat!

Squeezable Applesauce Pouches

#4 Applesauce Pouches – I feel like applesauce pouches come in a ton of different flavors! All my kids love them, especially the strawberry & cinnamon flavors. They even sell pouches that contain a full serving of vegetables!


#3 Enjoy Life Chocolate Flavored Minis – My 4 year old loves these little guys! It is the only chocolate she has ever been able to eat. I remember, around Halloween 2017, I received a promotional email from Enjoy Life that had these minis in it as a Halloween candy option for those with food allergies. I almost cried. Literally, I was so happy that I could give these to my daughter after I took away the majority of what she collected out Trick or Treating.

Fruit Snacks!

#2 Fruit Snacks – I think almost every household with kids has fruit snacks in it. They are a staple in my house. All 4, ages 4 to 13, take fruit snacks in their lunches or just eat them as a snack. I know they are a little high on sugar, but they do pack a lot of Vitamin C in that packet & are better than candy. My absolute favorite fruit snacks are the strawberry ones from Aldi’s. I have yet to find another fruit snack that even comes close!


#1 CHEERIOS!!! – Taking the coveted #1 position is … Cheerios! My 4 year old has eaten the original Cheerios since she was able to chew food. They were her breakfast, snack and lets be honest, sometimes her dinner too! 🙂 I do not leave the house unless I have a Ziploc baggie or container of Cheerios with me.