Battle the Boredom of No School Days!

We aren’t one of those families that travels very often. In fact, we try to take one vacation in the summer if everything falls into place schedule wise and financially. With a family of 6, vacationing is definitely not inexpensive! This means that we are home during Christmas break, spring break and long weekends. Which also means I have 4 kids climbing the walls with boredom. Especially over Christmas break when it is too cold out to do much outside.

          So, I try to come up with things we can do as a family that will be fun and break up the monotony of a long break. This year, we went to the Field Museum in Chicago and saw Máximo the Titanosaur and Sue the T-Rex!! My 4-year-old is obsessed with dinosaurs and was so excited to go see them. It was cheaper for us to purchase a membership than it was to pay for the 6 of us out of pocket for one visit. The membership will allow us to go back over Spring Break this year and maybe an early visit over Christmas break 2019! The museum also offers free days for Illinois residents. I believe this year they are running free days in February, but check their website to be sure. I know that doesn’t fall over Christmas break, but it should cover the long weekend over President’s Day. 

Another idea is taking the family to Legoland. Last year I was able to find passes for the Legoland Discovery Center in Schaumburg on Groupon’s website for about 20% off. I purchased those and then showed them when we arrived to the cashier. Two of my kids had gone on field trips there but I had actually never been there. It was amazing to see all the items constructed using Legos! There were major landmarks from the city of Chicago including the airport and Soldier Field, various other buildings, characters and animals. I cannot imagine having to build one of those! I definitely don’t have the patience for it. They also had characters from the Ninjago series & Lego Friends series for the kids to take pictures with and a couple rides that were fun for them. It was something different to do with the kids, and the cost was about what it takes for us to go to the movies and buy snacks. Just a couple ideas to help keep the kids entertained!